Sherry Dixon is an award winning PR, Journalist, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Presenter and the former Editor for Pride magazine and Editor in Chief SHE Caribbean magazine.  She has also written for many publications including the Guardian, Sunday Observer, the Times and the Voice Newspaper.

She currently runs the Sherry Dixon Consultancy, a marketing and PR Consultancy and is the CEO of Women on the Crossroads (

As a highly respected and influential authority on health and beauty, Sherry was the official spokesperson on TV pertaining to the detrimental effects of using skin-bleaching creams and appeared on GMTV LK Today Show, London Tonight on ITN, BBC Radio worldwide and BBC News and most national radio programmes in the UK.  She recently hosted a very popular talk show entitled The Sherry Dixon Show‘ on Bang FM radio .

She has won a number of awards including the EFBWBO Training Award, Dr. Nicholson Fund Award, Most Progressive Woman Award and ACWN Community Award.  She is the Patron of the National Black Women Network (NBWN) and Harmony Trust Foundation.