Helping small businesses to find and afford strategic advice

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“I am a firm believer that professional advice contributes to a business’ ability to grow, and that is why I created the Growth Vouchers programme – to encourage even more businesses to seek the strategic advice that can have a real impact on their performance.  In 2012, 73,000 businesses benefitted from advice, but I want this number to be much higher.   The programme has been well received so far by the 6,700 businesses who have already applied for a Growth Voucher, but there is scope to go further.” Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham DL

On Tuesday 26th August, the Government is opening up the Growth Vouchers Programme to more small businesses and encouraging them to get strategic advice to help them grow.

From this date, businesses who wish to apply need to:

  • Be registered in England
  • Have less than 250 employees
  • Be actively selling goods and/or services
  • Have a turnover no greater than €50m or £45m
  • Own 75% or more of their business

The Scheme is making it easier for small businesses to pay providers. They will now have the option to pay their half of the voucher directly to the professional adviser so they no longer need to find 100% of the cash and claim it back.

To become a Growth Vouchers accredited supplier:-

You must:

•       Be a member of a trade or professional body

•       Have professional indemnity insurance

•       Have three years of experience working in, or advising, small businesses

Please visit: and click ‘Sign up’ – you can be approved in as little as a week.

For more information and to hear from businesses that have benefited from the programme, visit: