WRAP Training 3rd Edition (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent) November 27

WRAP Training 3rd Edition (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent)

  • What is your understanding of the UK’s terror threat level being raised from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’?
  • Are you aware of the factors which could make someone susceptible or vulnerable to carrying out or supporting violent, criminal or terrorist acts?
  • What are your safeguarding measures, should an individual in your organisation be exposed to radicalisation?
  • Have you considered the reputational damage to your organisation should an employee engage in or support violent, criminal or terrorist acts?

The City of London Police Prevent Engagement Team works with communities as part of the Prevent strategy. The overarching aim of Prevent is to stop people becoming involved in or supporting, any form of terrorism.

We work with local communities and businesses to identify sensitive cultural and politically relevant tensions and grievances. We support the wider engagement activities already taking place in educational establishments, places of worship, work and community groups in the City of London. Through this work the team aims to strengthen communities in order that they may challenge the ideologies and messages of hate which lead to terrorism.

You have been invited to the WRAP Training 3rd Edition (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent) on the 27th November 2014 at 12:00 hrs till 13:30 hrs by the City of London Police at a location to be confirmed within the EC4 area. This informative workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of the Prevent Strategy and ways of identifying individuals vulnerable to radicalisation, as well as those who radicalise. It is aimed at front-line staff in the private and public sector including; managers and supervisors, HR professionals and safeguarding professionals.

We really would appreciate you supporting this event. Preventing Terrorism is everyone’s responsibility; it is important that we all work together in order to protect the people in our communities who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and recruitment to a terrorist ideology or cause.

If you are interested in attending this workshop or would like further details please contact: sadik.miah@city-of-london.pnn.police.uk