“I have always been amazed by her professionalism and desire to assist  entrepreneurs to embark on their vision and mission. Her dynamic energy to follow her dreams in assisting ethnic minority and women in particular is one that many will find difficult not to notice. Sonia is always my first point of contact whenever I have issues that pertain to women and ethnic minority entrepreneurs because I believe in her reliability to pursue such matters avidly and selflessly.
Sheila Elliott
Founder of Business Services Support Limited

It’s great to find the energy of the National Black Women’s Network and its busy agenda for reaching the wide spectrum of women across all communities and at all levels  and which other initiatives are not reaching.
There is huge potential in the black community, particularly amongst black women in business.  Many of them just need a little more help  or a little more encouragement and practical advice and support to develop ideas and really take off to start and grow a business. Liberal Democrats need to work on joint programmes to engage all party activities with the network, not just in London but throughout Britain.  The more black women who become involved in taking on business opportunities, the more successful black people will be in the Britain of tomorrow.
Simon Hughes
Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Member of Parliament for Southwark and Bermondsey

It has been a pleasure to work with Sonia Brown and the NBWN which is a really exciting and effective network.
Over 300 NBWN members participated in the regional Let’s Talk Business Roadshow and shared their views with the Shadow Cabinet, senior Conservative MPs, Councillors and Assembly members.
We are now moving forward on a project to encourage NBWN members to consider standing for election and to join us at the Conservative Party Conference.  I wish NBWN every success.
Theresa May
Home Secretary And Minister For Women And Equality

“We congratulate the National Black Women’s Network for the unique and important contribution it makes to the business community and to public life. Sonia Brown and the Network do a tremendous job of supporting women to run their own businesses and take on decision making roles, as well as making sure that the concerns and needs of entrepreneurial women – particularly black and Asian – are heard by Government.

The Network has many highly successful and inspirational women among its members. These women, many of whom have set up their own business, recognise that being their own boss gives them control and allows them to balance their work and family life. But men are almost twice as likely as women to start a new business. We are determined to close this gap – not least because the UK needs the huge economic benefits that more women entrepreneurs would bring – which is why the Government recently announced a range of measures, including a £12.5 million Women’s Investment Fund, to support and encourage more women to take the plunge.

We congratulate the Network’s efforts to get more women involved in public life. Public bodies make decisions which affect everyone’s lives, which is why it’s so important that the people appointed to these bodies reflect the community they serve. We must encourage and support women from all walks of life – particularly Black and Asian women – to get involved in public life at every level and make our democracy stronger. That’s why we recently announced new measures to improve diversity in public appointments, and why we’ll continue working with Sonia and other organisations. This will make sure that a broader range of people know about the opportunities available.

The Government has fought for equal representation and it’s because of this that we have record levels of women MPs, as well as more black and Asian MPs and councillors than ever before. But 80% of MPs are still men, only two MPs are black women, and we’ve never had an Asian woman MP.  That’s why in March I announced that political parties will be able to use All Women Shortlists for another five elections, and why in May we launched a taskforce to increase the number of black and Asian women who are councillors. There will also be a Speaker’s Conference which will further help increase the number of women and black and minority ethnic MPs.

We look forward to continuing work with Sonia and the National Black Woman’s Network.”
Harriet Harman,
Member of Parliament for Camberwell and Peckham
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Shadow Deputy Prime Minister 

The events and workshops organised by the NBWN provide a key route to the world of entrepreneurship for a wide range of people. It is a supportive environment to foster budding entrepreneurs.
Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt LVO
Chief Executive, Westminster Business Council

Sonia is a dynamic and driven individual, focused and professional in all she does. She is a charming and motivational presenter and has been successful in inspiring a whole range of women to start up and professionalise their businesses. I am amazed at what she has done with NBWN and proud to support her in her future endeavours.
Diane Edwards
General Manager, J Wray & Nephew

“The NBWN is an exemplary example of an organisation working for all businesswomen which encompasses and recognises diversity in strategic and sympathetic ways.  The events are always a mix of vibrant focused budding or existing businesswomen.”
Jackie Groundsell,
MD 1230 The Women’s Company

The National Black Women’s Network is definitely a community within which women can gain a great deal to help to take their business and careers to the next level and they have successfully proven that they do what they do very well every time.  Their events are specifically designed and tailored to support women to fulfill their potential as business leaders. The focus is on developing personal, political and strategic awareness that will be needed to become successful and effective leaders in their business and organisation.  By working on increasing personal visibility and embodied leadership skills, women in senior roles can have more impact and can strengthen their ability to handle complex change, be it diversity or innovation.

The National Black Women’s Network truly champions the advancement of women across all professional disciplines – recognising excellence, promoting leadership and effectively positioning its members at the forefront of the rapidly changing and diverse corporate, business and public life.
Monica Coke
Enterprise Strategist

The NBWN is a superb example of power in numbers. By bringing together the wealth of expertise and knowledge often overlooked by mainstream press and society the NBWN is an empowering and positive network.  Sonia Brown is a true inspiration and continues to uplift the efforts of Black Women across the UK. The active social calendar and online networks are brilliant resources which I have used to maintain my own professional network.
Ronke Lawal
Owner – RSL Management Services and CEO – Islington Chamber of Commerce

I have attended a number of network events organised by the NBWN and they have always been very well attended, with a range of high profile participants. The NBWN is committed to supporting the growth of enterprise and works with a wide range of people to promote enterprise and entrepreneurship across all communities in the UK.“ 
Debra Blisson
Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

I think networking and bringing people together who otherwise would not meet is something to be encouraged and I feel sure the National Black Women’s Network provides a very useful role for businesswomen.
Carole Stone
Chairman, YouGovStone

Working with Sonia Brown and her NBW network is an absolute pleasure. First and foremost because she is effective; you know whatever project she’s working on it will be a success. Her professionalism too is of the highest order.  Above all Sonia is able to bring all her professional acumen to an arena that seeks to improve society.
Simon Woolley
Director OBV, and  Commissioner for Equality and Human Rights Commission

“One of the hardest things to ask for in life, is Help! I only realized this when I felt I was going round and round in my career. It’s easy to put on a brave face when your starting out in your career, you don’t know where to turn. The NBWN is a great place to start. What I love about this network is, it speaks to me, and offers insight with great intention.”
Angie Le Mar
Comedienne, Producer, Broadcaster, Actress

My business has grown and been hugely exposed as a result of joining your network. I would advise anyone in business whether starting out or looking to grow to connect with this great women and her network.
Sharon Mclean
Business With Excellence

She is a consummate professional with an amazing ability to connect politicians, policy makers and individuals in order to champion business ownership.
Kiki Maurey

I have found the National Black Women’s Network and Sistatalk to be extremely beneficial in keeping me abreast with what is happening within the African/Caribbean community here in the UK. Sonia is a very down-to-earth individual who works extremely hard to promote business events that are always well attended by new and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as sponsors whose services can greatly benefit new or existing businesses.  I am impressed with her passion for bringing business people together.
Maureen Smith
CEO, Tropical Connections

“Keeping me up-to date and connecting with business owners, the NBWN plays a significant role in developing a stronger influenical voice and assists in positioning women to make a difference in society.”
Claudine Reid MBE
Co-Director, PJ’s Community Service

I attended my first NBWN event around five years ago when I first started in business. Attending and being part of the network has been one of the most enriching experiences of my business and personal life. The events are always precisely what I need to move me on in the different phases of my business.

The speakers are always of the highest calibre. Sonia and her team are consummated professionals. Sonia is one of the most giving yet professional people I know, she models excellence in all that she undertakes. One of my most lasting legacies of being a member of NBWN is the contacts and friends I have gained from it. Either directly or indirectly NBWN has provided me with my most key contacts and close friends over the last five years and I am tremendously grateful for that.
Marigold Nunes
Operations Director, Make it Happen-VJB

I met Sonia Brown the founder of the National Black Womens Network in 2001, we both shared the same aims and aspirations, and frustrations which were often experienced by professional Black women. I became involved with the Network first as an attendee , leading onto running workshops in Access to finance, and Business Support subjects.

The Network conferences were always well planned and well attended and filling the much needed gap which professional women had experienced there was always a wealth of knowledge and practical advice given by the speakers, and the opportunity for the attendees to network with each other. Sonia Brown herself is a very vibrant inspirational women, and this was defiantly the message which was cascaded. The feedback from attendees was excellent and I was proud to be of such a professional inspirational network.
Vivienne Scantlebury
Enterprise Support Manager, GLEoneLondon

The NBWN has been a pivotal resource over the past 8 years in mobilising professional women and entrepreneurs to network for business success and career development.  Membership of the network and attendance at its events creates an opportunity to learn about the importance of networking and building relationships with private and public sector and international markets. As a business consultant delivering services to new entrepreneurs and Women in the growth stage of business, I have routinely referred clients to join the network. Introducing women to such a rich source of contacts at the NBWN thus enabling and empowering them to benefit from the experience; creates opportunities  where they might not have otherwise existed.
Yvonne Witter
Director, Ampod Business Consulting & Training