Tender for Media Sexism and Online Abuse Guide

Tneder Online AbuseThe Government Equalities Office is currently developing a work programme on media sexism and online abuse of women.  As part of this, we are going to publish a guidance document for women on how to challenge offensive and abusive content in all media (including print, broadcast and online).  The key features of this resource will be that it will:

  • Cover the range of media channels
  • Cover both legal and illegal content
  • Be based in a gender equality framework, with a focus on helping women to challenge content, rather than putting the onus on women to protect themselves

I hope you agree that this will be useful, and I emphasise that it will be accompanied by a range of other actions which will be announced shortly.  We would be really grateful for your support with this work, most obviously in helping us to promote it when it’s finished.

Right now, we need your help finding a contractor to develop this resource for us, together with a companion document aimed at LGB&T people.  This contractor will need to have a track record of developing high quality, accessible communications, and – very importantly – be able to turn this around very quickly as we plan to publish in March.  Clearly, subject expertise is also critical.  We recognise that many of the groups and individuals with subject expertise may not have the resource to tender and execute a project of this kind within the required timeframe, or may not have subject specialism across both women and LGB&T, so we will welcome partnership tenders.  Should it be necessary to contract the work to a mainstream contractor who lacks the necessary subject expertise, we will require them to consult (and pay for) the necessary input from subject specialists.

You can read more about the specification of the guidance via the link below.  We would be hugely grateful if you could pass this on to any of your contacts who you think might find it of interest. Please note the very tight deadline of midday 9 January 2015.  https://www.delta-esourcing.com/tenders/UK-GB-London:-Guidance-for-online-harassment-and-bullying/4N9G53WKJX.com/tenders/UK-GB-London:-Guidance-for-online-harassment-and-bullying/4N9G53WKJX

[Should you spot any discrepancies with the deadline - please note that the deadline has recently been extended from 2 January to 9 January]

Should you have any questions – please register your interest via the link above- and then there will be an option to submit a question. As I will be on leave shortly, this will be the best way to get a prompt response to any queries.