4 Reasons We Get Frustrated in Business

4 Reasons We Get Frustrated in BusinessLet’s look at the top 4 issues that stop us feeling fully content while working in or on our business.

1.    Not Getting Our Own Way

We may feel we have the best idea, product or service since sliced bread but no one seems to be buying.  Ask yourself “What problem does my customer have and what solution do I offer them that no one else can?”

Once you can answer this question then you need to start conducting your research and planning.  Firstly is there a market for your services e.g. enough customers to pay for your service and ensure that your business is not only profitable but sustainable.  Secondly, make a plan that is ideally three, five and ten years.

Just by doing the two things above you will realise if you are running an expensive hobby or viable business.

What problem do you solve for your customer?

2.    Progress Appears Slow

If you are like me, you just don’t get why it takes people so long to deliver on their promise to support your business venture in a timely manner.

I am frustrated by those “wannabe” business associates, who have nothing to bring to the table but a slick elevator pitch and no substance.  Today we need ideas and a “can do” attitude to make things happen because the business environment is so competitive and complex.

But I have learnt that sometimes “nothing before its time” is a very valuable business principal.  I have had the pleasure to work with a sponsor called Anne who NEVER rushes into a business decision.  She has taught me the patience to step back, evaluate, test and re-evaluate any decision I make when it comes to my business goals.  She has taught me the beauty of delaying a decision (not procrastinating) in order to embrace my experience, skills, talent and wisdom to inform my decisions.

This has been one of the best business lessons I have learnt over the years because it has meant that I have produced better decisions, services and offerings to my customers because they are better informed, researched and aligned to my values.  I am not a “shake and bake” business woman who will disappear once this fad is over.

I am here for the long haul and that means (sometimes) stepping back and valuing the investment of patience before executing my goals.

How will patience prepare you for your business goals in the future?

3.    People Let You Down

The report was not handed in on time.  The research was not conducted properly.  The appointment missed because they forgot to confirm and they constantly fail to achieve agreed goals.

Sound familiar when dealing with people?

They are just a sample of things that frustrate us when working with people whilst running our business.  But remember this works two ways.

Before you get all self-righteous and point fingers; how many times have you let people down and brushed it off without thinking about the affect it has on their business, because of your situation.

A great NLP trick is to put yourself in the place of the other person before you judge, because you don’t know what is going on in their life.  Yes it’s frustrating but we have the option to move on and find other people who can support our business aspirations.  I am always grateful when people fall short early in our relationship because it tells me they will fall short when it comes to the big things.

Experience has taught me to see this behaviour as a valuable warning that I need to find an alternative person to work with.  Someone who can deliver to the high standards my business requires.

What relationships are hindering the progress of your business?

4.    You Don’t Seem To Be Making Progress

You don’t feel as if you are being financially rewarded for the amount of effort and time you are investing in your business.  Your idea is not making the headway you thought it would and no matter how hard you are “leaning in” you are still not getting to that tipping point any time soon.


Stop pushing. Stop mumbling, Stop leaning in. Stop kicking and screaming.  Stop trying to force an answer when you need to call “time” and be still!

Believe me, I have learnt that the answer is in the stillness.

If you are too busy mumbling, complaining, gossiping, shouting and blaming how will you hear the answer to your issue?  Take time out from the situation so you can regroup, re-evaluate and reposition your energies so you can get the best result for your business.

What do you need to stop pushing against in your business?

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