Women in Business Conference: Manifesting Success in 2012

19 January 2012, LondonMet University, Holloway Road

The Women in Business Conference provided a great forum for motivated female entrepreneurs and professionals to come together to hear from  an impressive lineup of professionals who have made significant contributions and forged unique paths in today’s challenging, complex and diverse business sectors.

The aim of the conference was to look at how women could implement practical strategies and behaviours into their business to attract more wealth, success and happiness in 2012.

Baroness Wheatcroft of Blackheath gave an informative and stirring keynote presentation.  She was supported on the panel by Cathy Walker (Head of Public Sector Marketing, Fujitsu Services); Turly Humphries (CEO, Circle Sports); Lisa Parsons (Area Director West London, Lloyds Banking Group) and Jenny McDowell, (Manager, Business Networks External Affairs, Lloyds Banking Group – Commercial).

Our panelists encouraged attendees to develop a success strategy that works for their needs and not to be afraid to change their goals if it’s not working.  “It is important to be yourself not like someone else or try to emulate men.  It’s time to make new not limited choices” was the overall message from the panel.

Women were advised to make choices that support their passion and take action that removes the barriers that inhibit business success.  Entrepreneurs were advised to be clear about their offering and how they were able to provide a solution for their clients.  It was important that they were personable, well groomed and didn’t take rejection personally.  Always learn from your mistakes and (alleged) failures and move on, as these were lessons to ‘bounce back’ from – stronger and better.

Networking is vital if entrepreneurs are looking to connect with people who can help you to accomplish your goals.  But remember you have to give back too!

Our panellists recommended attendees that they wanted to influence their sector, they need to get out and NETWORK with the right people strategically, otherwise you are just there for the wine and canapés! This is why it’s vital to understand your niche so you are better able to support and solve the needs of your clients and stakeholders

Sonia Brown MBE concludes “Nobody understands the issues faced by women business owners more than those who ‘walk in their shoes.’   This phenomenal  Conference enabled women to come together with their peers to address and discuss business issues; grow their business, expand their networks, build their skills and be mentored to greater success in 2012 and beyond by award winning experts and professionals.”