Women in Business Conference, Jumpstart Your Business for Outrageous Success

London Met University and Lloyds TSB Bank, 20 June 2012

Aimed at micro and small businesses looking for a boost to help then stand out and get noticed in today’s competitive market place; the Women in Business Conference provides  industry secrets, timeless insights and valuable information to help attendees jumpstart their business for outrageous success!

Our keynote speaker was the dynamic Independent London2012 Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita who shared her personal journey from a frustrated civil servant to unleashing her personal vision for a better London.  Supported by a talented line up of successful entrepreneurs and corporate professionals including award winning PR guru Mavis Amankwah; Branding legend Kathy Ennis (Your Brand is You); the dynamic Donna Joseph (Sales & Marketing Director, SN Travel) and super talented Jacqui Oldham (Director of Operations, Reed Consulting)

Our Expert’s Panel provided insider ‘know how’ tips and strategies to help attendees to ignite their passion, purpose and vision for greater business breakthroughs.

By drawing on the proven success strategies of leading business and industry thought leaders we hosted a number of informative and interactive workshops which included Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Bottom Line with Lloyds TSB Bank Plc; 21st Century Networking Skills with Jackie Groundsell (Founder 1230 TWC); Dream BIG With Your Business Brand with Kathy Ennnis (Founder, Your Brand is You!) and Champion Your Superstar Social Media Strategy with Placida Acheru (Founder, Business Online Directory)

These hands-on, practical workshops were designed to give attendees the tools and strategies to design and deliver new media and new marketing campaigns to  turbo-charge their brand to set them apart; increase their visibility, impact and income in 2012 and beyond.

Women in Business Newsletter June 2012