How to Take Charge of your Success in 7 Steps

Take Charge of Your Sucess

“We are repeatedly what we do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

For some of us, success is a mere dream.  For others, it is a reality which has been developed out of perseverance and commitment.  Of course, the road to greatness has its fair share of twists and turns.  It is therefore a good idea to look at seven ways which will help you stay in the middle of this road and complete even the loftiest of goals.

1.   Have a Clear Vision

Develop a mental “road map” of your goals.  What is it EXACTLY that you want to accomplish?  If you lack clarity, your efforts will likewise remain unfocused.  Every journey is comprised of a route and the ultimate destination.  Knowing both will enable you to put your energies in the right place.

2.   Develop a Time Frame

Are you planning on developing a multinational corporation or do you instead wish to establish an online business from your kitchen table?  Of course, the time frame in regards to the success of either will vary greatly.  Make sure that all timeframes are realistic.  If they are not, you can become easily frustrated.

3.   Look Forward Instead of Behind

How can you expect to see the horizon if your gaze is constantly focused on your emotional rear-view mirror?  Leave the past in the past.  Mistakes happen and while we can always learn from them, we should never dwell on them.  The most successful individuals in life continuously look up and over any obstacles while never losing sight of their ultimate goals.

4.   Take the Bad with the Good

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  The very definition of success is overcoming adversity.  So, it only stands to reason that a certain amount of difficulty will occur.  This is quite normal and nothing to shy away from.  By embracing the light and the dark, you will become more realistic as well as optimistic.  Both are key attitudes when you are moving forward.

5.   Be Patient

One of the pitfalls of many would-be successful individuals is that they want the here and the now.  They are not able to accept the fact that eventual success will normally take a great deal of time to achieve.  Patience is a virtue; perhaps the most important virtue that we can possess.

6.   Stay Hungry

The definition of winning is to endure through whatever trials and tribulations may come your way.  So, keep your levels of motivation up.  This could involve writing down a checklist and ticking items off as they are accomplished or simply by reminding yourself of how amazing your dreams really are.

7.   Seek a Helping Hand

Never be afraid to ask for help.  While going it alone may seem romantic, the truth of the matter is that success is often collaborative in its nature.  Place yourself around others who offer positive feedback, encouragement and sound advice.  There is indeed strength in numbers.

By keeping these seven simple suggestions in mind, your dreams will begin to take shape and one day, could become a reality.



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