Soft Power Summit (April 13-23rd)

Soft Power Summit (April 13-23rd)Register your place on the upcoming Soft Power Summit.  It’s all happening from the 13-23rd of April

 You can get your complimentary pass to the complete #SoftPowerSummit here

I’m over the moon to have been invited to participate in this Summit.  It will give me the opportunity to share thoughts and advice I don’t normally get to share.  But importantly it will provide you with a new way of thinking about your role in our world, and new perspectives on the challenges you’re currently facing.

The woman behind it all, Dr Joanna Martin explains the #SoftPowerSummit this way:

  • It’s not just another group of successful women sharing their strategies for a better professional and personal life… although you will leave with gems that will make a massive difference to your results.
  • It’s not just an academic foray into feminism and what it really means… although the conversation will be challenging and thought provoking.
  • It’s not just an opportunity to meet more powerful and generally incredible women, just like you… although you will form challenging and supportive relationships through your participation in the Forum.
  • It’s not just another opportunity to see “what can I get?”…but also to open your eyes to more “what can I give?”

It will be a different thing for every woman who joins us.  And I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Join us any or all lunchtimes from the 13-23rd of April.  All you need is an internet connection and you can join in the conversation.

Find out all the details and register your complimentary place here

Finally- the number of lines on the software we are using for the Summit are limited.  So places are strictly first come first served.  So register your place early.

P.S.  Like a good wine, experiences like these are best shared with those you love.  Please feel free to post about this in groups you are a part of, or to forward this email to women in your life you care about.

And get your free pass to the Summit here