The Power of Vision in Business

VisionWhen you look at your business, what do you see? A flurry of emails waiting to be answered? The phone ringing off the hook? Your social media platforms lacking any actual socialising? A million things to do and only time to do 4 of them? These don’t represent your business vision, but they are a selection of things that can distract you from it. Sometimes, vision can be a little harder to see.

Think back to when you started your business. In fact, think back a little further than that. Do you remember picturing what you wanted your business to be in the future? How it would deal with its many, many customers? What its legacy might be? If you did any of those, you were working on your company’s vision and you may not have even realised it.

Most people are familiar with a Mission Statement. A statement of intent that describes how a business operates in the here and now, often defining customer critical processes and your expected levels of performance. A Vision Statement, on the other hand, focusses on the future and should act as a source of constant motivation and inspiration for everyone involved, especially you! It outlines where you’re going in coming years, as opposed to how you’ll get there. That’s the job of the Mission Statement.

With all the interference any entrepreneur has to deal with, it would be easy to lose sight of your vision. With all the demands on your time and resources, many business owners either fail to come up with a robust vision at all or if they do, become blind to it, but it’s crucial to your success. Without a vision, without a plan, without a goal to focus on it’s all too easy to become sidetracked.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a documented vision, I have a question for you. How many of the jobs you assigned yourself last week that absolutely, positively had to get done….actually did? Be honest! Whatever the number, it probably wasn’t as many as it should have been. You need some vision in your life and I’m here to help you find it.

We’ll cover vision in much more detail during my webinar, but it’s fair to say that without it, your working day can become a stressful, unorganised and expensive nightmare and none of us have time for one of those things, let alone all three!

Let’s be clear. I want you to succeed just as much as you do. I’ve made it my mission in life to pass on my business knowledge and experience to everyone who’ll let me, which is why I’m running another Business Breakthrough webinar on Thursday 7th May at 14:00 GMT, which will cover vision, amongst other things. I want to help you avoid the mistakes others have made and take your vision to new heights.

Register for your free place at and join me and let’s see where a little vision can take you.