Your World in 2015

India Gary Martin

City Women’s Network and NBWN
20th October 2011, House of Lords

With almost every organisation now looking at all aspects of diversity, from gender, to race, to age; with the first findings of the Lord Davies Review imminent and the recent announcement by head-hunters that they will embrace a voluntary code addressing gender diversity – the question is what will our world look like in 2015 ?

Importantly, what do we want our world to look like in 2015 and which parity initiatives are more likely to get us to where we want to be? How do we best collaborate across all the issues and all organisations to drive successful results?

On the reverse side, what will our world look like if we don’t achieve parity at all levels? Will we have failed future generations and will the effects be detrimental to our economic, social and political landscape?

These are imperative questions that the National Black Women’s Network – dedicated to raising the status and position of women in all walks of life and the City Women’s Network – the leading organisation for senior professional women were seeking to answer through a collaborative panel of experts from across the socio-economic and political spectrum to examine this question – what do we want our world to look like in 2015; and, critically, the journey we might take to get there?

Findings from this meeting will be published in due course.