The Connected Woman Panel Discussion (JUN27)

The Connected Woman Panel DiscussionAccording to recently released research from the Harvard Business Review (HRB) women need to stop following a male playbook because what works for men doesn’t work for women or for companies either; but does this apply for women in business?

Despite the women in business agenda experiencing greater momentum, they still continue to lack access to the crucial resources and critical intelligence they need to scale their businesses.   Join NatWest Business Banking and the NBWN for EVOLVE: The Connected Woman Panel Discussion taking place on Monday 27th June 2016 at RBS/NatWest, 135 Bishopsgate, London between 6:00pm – 8:30pm.  This event will examine how important it is for women to be connected in business if they wish to accelerate their success in terms of performance and profits!

Facilitated by Sonia Brown MBE this dynamic and diverse panel will be made up of award winning thought leaders and business experts who have significantly impacted their industries: -

  • Nick Howe, Regional Enterprise Manager, NatWest Business Banking
  • Jenny Garrett, Trainer, Speaker and Author of Rocking Your Role
  • Sharon Maclean, CEO, Business with Excellence
  • Johnny ‘Bob’ Spence, Principal, ASBIRO UK – Alternative School of Business & Personal Development
  • Cathy Ballard, CEO, Winning Women
  • Mavis Amankwah, Founder, Rich Visions Diversity Communications
  • Suzy Lambro, CEO, Eight8 Lettings London

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The EVOLVE: The Connected Woman Panel Discussion will explore the following key topics, including how being connected can help business owners to:

  • Maximise their leadership style, practices and traits
  • Rock their brand like a superstar
  • Raise capital to take their business to the next level
  • Successfully move from the C Suite to making it in business
  • Promote more collaboration for success

You cant’ afford to miss this informative and inspirational panel discussion which promises to showcase the realities of what it takes to be stay connected and successful in business.  Our respected speakers will share their experiences, successes, lessons and advice to help attendees effect positive change in their business.

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The Connected Woman Panel Discussion aims to educate, empower and connect women who are serious about starting, leading and growing their business.

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