Get Connected with Jenny Garrett


Jenny Garrett is an Award Winning executive coach; author of Rocking Your Role, a guide to success for female breadwinners; TEDx speaker and founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and Rocking Ur Teens CIC.  Her mission is to transform the World, one empowered woman at a time.

How does being “connected” benefit business? 

Successful people will tell you that opportunities come from chance meetings and connections, but the truth is that they are super connected and super connectors.

They have created relationships and connections with people that remember them, refer them on and let them know as opportunities arise. This gives them a real business advantage.

Does gender matter in business?

Gender matters because there is a glass ceiling for women, barriers exist, assumptions around commitments and expectations differ, but you should never let that hold you back.

Why are women still struggling to start businesses at the same rate as men?

My experience with female clients is that they are often afraid of putting themselves out there, they don’t want to appear to ‘show off’ and they often suffer from a ‘Be Perfect’ driver.

Unfortunately if you wait for everything to be perfect you’ll be waiting a long time and no one will know about your business unless you share it. In addition that lack of female business women means that there aren’t many successful role models, although this is slowly changing.

JG Crowd

Share a simple networking tactic

If you are worried arriving at an event and having no one speaking to you, invite a contact you’ve been wanting to get to know better along. You’ll feel more courageous to talk to others and deepen your relationship with that contac

Alternatively, ask the organiser of the event for a list of those attending, pin point two or three key people you’d like to be introduced to and ask the host to facilitate the introductions. That ensures you meet the right people and the introduction breaks the ice.

Lastly, give before you receive, always think about what you can do for that person you meet. Whenever I give, I gain in some way.

Jenny Garrett is part of the EVOLVE: Connected Woman Panel Discussion taking place on Monday 27th June 2016 at RBS, Bishopsgate. This informative and inspirational panel discussion promises to showcase the realities of what it takes to be stay connected and successful in business.

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The event aims to educate, empower and connect women who are serious about starting, leading and growing their business.