Connecting with Cathy Ballard

Connected Woman Cathy BallardCathy Ballard is a spiritual business coach and mentor for ambitious entrepreneurs who have a calling to make a bigger difference. She helps them find clarity and alignment with their true path, and quickly bust them through mindset blocks that are holding them back from having happy, abundant and fulfilling lives and businesses

How does being “connected” benefit business?

I look at being connected in a couple of ways. Firstly, being connected to others through your networks is essential for business – for meeting potential clients, service providers and joint venture partners, plus when you’re connected to a wide range of people it gives added value to your service – to give referrals and introductions, which builds your integrity, your trustworthiness and your ability to provide for a clients’ needs.

On another level, being connected to yourself and your own inner guidance is going to help you stay on track with making decisions and doing work that fits your values, that’s meaningful and gives you joy and satisfaction.

Does gender matter in business?

Absolutely! Men and women think and operate differently: they lead differently, they learn differently, they want different things and their visions, perspectives and implementation strategies are different. And depending on who our target markets are we need to communicate in ways which reach them on a personal level.

Why are women still struggling to start businesses at the same rate as men?

I think there are less successful female role models than male ones, and to start businesses and become an entrepreneur takes a certain amount of confidence and self belief. In general you could say that men are more confident about taking risks.

When they are successful they tend to attribute success to themselves, and failure to others, and if they do fail they are more likely to try again. Women on the other hand tend to have more humility and so don’t attribute as much success to themselves, are more discouraged by failure, so don’t tend to push through and keep going until they are successful.

Cathy Ballard PresentingShare a simple networking tactic

I like to connect with people on Facebook who share the same values and target audience as me, and then invite them to have a chat on Skype to get to know them better and see if there’s any synergy for joint ventures and how we might help each other.

Cathy Ballard is part of the EVOLVE: Connected Woman Panel Discussion taking place on Monday 27th June 2016 at RBS, Bishopsgate. This informative and inspirational panel discussion promises to showcase the realities of what it takes to be stay connected and successful in business.

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The event aims to educate, empower and connect women who are serious about starting, leading and growing their business.