Valley Fontaine Shares How to Grow Longer Healthier Natural Hair

HairValleyTrichologists cite Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions, as the number one cause of (non-health related) hair loss and breakage in women with afro hair types.

This is a critical issue for ‘black’ women, the majority of whom will wear Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions at some point in their lives due to the convenience and versatility.

The issue is now more urgent than ever, with the increased affordability of Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions, wearers are getting younger and younger and hair loss is on the increase. Yet wearers of Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions are the group least catered for when it comes to books with solid independent advice on how to wear them without doing more damage than good.

This book was written by BBC Reporter Valley Fontaine to help stop the hair loss epidemic suffered by the majority of black women** and instead give them practical steps so that they can have (like she has) the best of both worlds; great natural hair whilst wearing Weaves, Wigs & Braids, which as you can see, is not as easy as you would hope.


  • Ensure you don’t ruin your natural hair at the expense of your Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions.
  • Avoid common mistakes that lead to breakages, baldness and other hair disasters.
  • Get to know your hair and its possibilities and limitations better than ever before.
  • No longer be one of the majority of black women who has broken hairline
  • Feel as beautiful with your own hair as you do in your Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions.
  • Know what to look out for when choosing Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions.
  • Get your hair in the best shape for your Weaves, Wigs & Braid Extensions.
  • How to choose the right person to look after your hair
  • Like the author grow your hair to lengths never experienced before.
  • Sadly although, with the help of social media, many attempt to achieve similar goals, just as many report feeling frustrated after being taken down a path of buying products, that fail to live up to their claims.

Valley Fontaine, BA (Hons) MA, has been a BBC news and current affairs Producer, Reporter and News Reader for more than 16 years. Since 2009 she has also been the editor of which not only tracks Valley’s hair journey from chemical hair straightening relaxer to natural hair with the help of Weaves, Wigs & Braid, but it gives tips to wearers of Weaves, Wigs & Braids and those with natural hair.

Valley is also a speaker specialising in traditional media, social media and of course hair.   Your can connect with Valley on Twitter @hair_valley, Instagram@hairvalley and Facebook: Natural Hair Valley.

How to Grow Longer Healthier Natural Hair whilst wearing Weave, Wigs & Braids, like I did,  is available on priced £19.99 ($25.94*), and the ebook which has a yellow cover is available on Amazon CLICK HERE for £7.70 ($9.99).