Women move forward with investment dream

Lisa Mitchell, Chrysalis Marketing Ltd

Lisa Mitchell, Chrysalis Marketing Ltd

Author and philanthropist Tokie Laotan-Brown has successfully established a new social enterprise dedicated to helping women become property investors and in turn provide affordable housing for the most socially and economically vulnerable, with particular focus on the BAME community, in the North West and across the UK.

The ‘Women Fund Homes’ grant is offered to women who are looking to get onto the property ladder as well as make a difference in their local area. The idea of the enterprise is to form a group of ‘Angel Investors’ who will join together to purchase modern and affordable housing that will be offered to qualifying members of that community where there is a social and economical need. The social enterprise’s main goal is to work hard to provide good quality, affordable housing to communities regardless of age, gender or race in the UK.

Tokie Laotan-Brown said “I have seen a real need for good quality affordable housing in the BAME communities and I have also seen a lack of investment opportunities in housing in this area, particularly for women investors. I wanted to do something that would not only help people get on the property ladder like me, but that would also benefit the wider community. I have seen Women Fund Homes in action and I know that it works and I just want to help more people realise their dreams as property investors which will in turn benefit the local community in the areas that the properties are bought.”

As already successful property investor and author of a recession-busting book on how to manage your household budget Tokie Laotan-Brown has seen the good that this grant can do and wants more people to come on board. “Guidance and training on how to invest in property and what goes with it will be part of the process and I have seen how this works and it is very rewarding”

If you would like to be part of Women Fund Homes or find out more about the grant process please contact visit the website www.womenfundhomes.com