Protect your company from the threat of a potential cyber-attack. Sign up for our webinars (OCT24)


Cyber Attack If online security is a concern for your business, then you will be pleased to know that the NBWN have teamed up with Sargari to present a series of webinars that promise to safeguard your business from malicious threats.

Over a four-week period you will have access to a series of webinars that provides a confidential and collaborative platform for sharing best practice to minimise potential cyber risks and manage attacks in case they do happen.

Webinar 1 – October 24th @ 10am

Webinar 2 – October 31st @ 10am

Webinar 3 – November 7th @ 10am

Webinar 4 – November 14th @ 4pm

Places are limited so make sure you register now to avoid disappointment.

Why attend?

We all know that cybercrime has grown in volume and sophistication so it’s important that you improve internal systems and networks to keep your information safe.  Failure to do so may result in financial loss, business disruption and damage to your company’s reputation.

Why risk it?

Simply sign up to hear cutting edge insights and practical takeaways to prevent common and unpredictable cyber threats and attacks.

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