About Teodorita

My business is about bringing happiness to people´s lives in forms of realist and surrealist paintings, post cards, T-shirts, and a range of inspiration products.  I want to bring happiness by “putting a splash of colour on your wall”.

They say that we stop drawing when we grow up. I guess that it explains why I kept on doing it…
I have always felt passionate about creativity and colours and about how to combine them to create beautiful compositions.
My favourite medium is oil, which I sometimes combine with different materials. As a result, my creations are rich in texture and in vibrant colours.
My favourite subjects are people and spirituality. I also enjoy adding a little bit of quirkiness whenever I can.

What was the catalyst that made you decide to go into business?

I am a very creative individual but I have surpassed this gift by focussing on my career, which meant  I have been too busy with the demands of work and life to explore this area.

Recently, I have realised that I have had a latent desire to find out what would happen if I was confident enough to follow my dreams of being an artist – so now I have to follow this desire.

What was holding you back from being an entrepreneur at the time?

I was hiding behind a full time job and the busyness of life.  Working was just an excuse to stop doing what I am destined to do.  Once I realised this there was no holding me back.

What was the best business advice you were given?

Make your passion your business.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your sector right now?

Clients will always purchase art if it makes them feel good, so it’s great to know that this sector is not  being impacted by the global recession.

Now that I am stepping up my game, I am getting a lot of positive feedback from industry professionals, peers and clients who really like what I do and they are even willing to pay for my work which is always encouraging.  It’s great that its more than lip service.

What are your customers demanding more from you at the moment?

Customers are looking for more bespoke products which means that I am developing a new range of products that meets these demands.  It’s important to listen to what your clients want and ensure that you respond accordingly.

What social media tool are you using at the moment?

I am using a combination of platforms but the most valuable has been Facebook, but it could also be because it is the network where I have built the highest number of contacts and my ‘tribe’ is growing.

What is your take on personal business failures?

Business failures are actually gains because the more you experience them, the closer you are to your success

What is difference that is making the difference for success inbusiness at the moment?

No matter what challenges come your way, keep positive; keep very positive.

Who are you following on Twitter and why?

I am following Lord Sugar to see if I can unleash his money making secret.

What book would you recommend for entrepreneurs?

“Think and grow rich” from Napoleon Hill.

What is your favourite quote and how are you applying this in your business?

“That chicken that you may not follow, holds that one golden egg”

For too long I didn’t follow this principle but now that I am embracing it, I have found that it has opened new levels of creativity for me.  I am working on new projects that I would never have done before, with a greater sense of confidence and purpose.  I am really encouraged by the positive reception and results I have gained because there has been an increased demand for my designs, which means I am now extending my range of products

For further information visit www.teodorita.com