Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits



  • Are you a savvy, forward focused solo, micro, sole trader, consultant, home worker, coach or consultant struggling to realise your BIG vision?
  • Are you looking to make that transition from employment into entrepreneurship?
  • Are you running a stagnant business and looking to accelerate your business growth?
  • Are you struggling to create profitable partnerships and joint ventures?

Then you can’t afford to miss the amazing Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits Conference and Expo hosted by the National Black Women’s Network in partnership for the first time with City of London Police and Natwest alongside founding partners LondonMet Accelerator. This event takes place on Monday 7th October 2013 at Wood Street Police Station, 37 Wood Street, London EC2P 2NQ between 9:30am – 4:00pm.

This powerful conference brings together today’s brightest and talented entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders to share ideas and discuss issues related to business and leadership success.

Over the years the NBWN has worked with thousands of female led business owners to broaden their social contacts and revolutionise the way they build and grow their businesses. That’s why the Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits Conference and Expo will rewrite the way you do business and leave the competition napping!

We’ve changed the format and here’s how it works. We have introduced three high-impact, interactive, information packed panel sessions which focus on:-

Brand –Create a brand that stands out from the crowd, where your customers take notice and your competitors get worried as you successfully align your marketing message, ethos and mission

Profits – Create a high-income profit structure so you can jump off the “cash flow” roller coaster as you identify strategies to create a consistent income for sustainable success

Growth – Create your own success blueprint to drive change, inspire innovation and produce rapid results to grow your business to the next level

You’ll also be glad to know that these powerful plenary sessions promise to align proven business and marketing principles with your inspiration, motivation and desire to grow a profitable business based on purpose and passion.

Let’s face it! In today’s competitive market, whatever your interests or experience level the Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits Conference and Expo is a great opportunity to hear from leading business experts, accomplished entrepreneurs and specialists who are committed to sharing the latest information, strategies, tools and industry secrets to ensure you stand out and grow your business in the way you’ve always dreamed.

You will also be glad to know that our speakers will share proven tactics to help you focus your time and energy on what works to produce rapid results; achieve financial freedom and move your business forward quicker than if you had to do this alone. And that’s not all. They promise to help you avoid the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make to help you to stay ahead.

I am sure you will agree that if you want less struggle and stress in your business and more passion and purpose for starting and growing a sustainable business, then you cannot afford to miss the outrageously powerful Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits Conference and Expo.

But before I say anymore, this one-day event is not about wishful thinking. It is designed to help women leverage their resources and skills to get the income, freedom and lifestyle they really want! Sounds incredible?

You bet! That’s why you will kick yourself if you miss this inspirational business conference which promises to expand your knowledge; keeps you at the cutting edge and gives you the facts you need to take your business to stratospheric heights! So, stop fooling around and book your ticket NOW!

And here’s an added feature….

If you want help to boost awareness of your company to a ripe audience, why not take advantage of our amazing exhibition package which includes….

  • networking opportunities throughout the day
  • opportunities to sell or demonstrate your products
  • make a presentation to the audience on the day

As if that’s not enough, by the end of the Conference we are going to show you how to stop playing small in your business so you can create and grow a highly profitable lifestyle business built around your purpose, passion and expertise.

So don’t delay – sign up now for the powerful Women in Business: Rock Your Vision, Brand and Profits Conference and Expo.

We don’t want you to miss this explosive day of enterprise, empowerment and innovation