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Alison McGregor

Alison McGregor has worked in Financial Services for over 17 years, some of the time as a fee-based Financial Planner and some of it teaching and researching in Business Schools/Universities. This included teaching management programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates, and also professional examination courses for financial professionals, (including Independent Financial Advisers and accountants). She secured research sponsorship from the Association of British Insurers, and has sat on a number of committees and educational boards. Alison has advanced qualifications in financial advice carrying the designation ASFA (Associate of Society of Financial Advisers) and is an Associate of the Institute of Financial Planning.

During her business and academic career Alison has published in a number of areas and her interest is always characterised by looking at why people do what they do. Alison has undertaken a number of consultancy projects, specialising in small and medium businesses, in areas including marketing and re-branding, systems and operations, practice management and customer care. Alison has an MBA from Nottingham University and set up her first business at 22!

Now Alison is a dynamic and compassionate coach, business writer and speaker drawing on her range of experience in business and consultancy, and years advising people about their long-term financial arrangements. After observing the frustration of many people who find themselves driven by financial concerns, Alison is passionate about improving the people's knowledge and outlook about money. She passionately believes that coaching is an excellent way to enable them to move forward with a broader view of wealth, to a future full of possibilities and financial independence.

"Personally I believe that people are capable of so much more than they allow themselves to believe much of the time. The coaching process is a collaborative relationship through which the individual can reflect on their lives or their business and see things with a fresh perspective. Coaching gives them the time and space to lift their heads from their daily routine and take steps on the journey to a future they choose."

Alison works from a base of strong personal ethics and a spiritual foundation. She has been described as insightful, incisive, sensitive, tough, humorous, spiritual and true. Freedom and independence are hugely important words for her, and this is the basis of her passion for wealth and business coaching.

Alison is keen to support individuals at the beginning of their journey or who have suffered hardship and offers a number of coaching places in her practice to new business owners and individuals on a scholarship basis.


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