The NBWN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising the status and position of black women in all walks of life.

We provide dynamic initiatives, enabling women from diverse
backgrounds and occupations to develop strong professional and social contacts; high quality training and education programmes;
leadership and national recognition.


Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson has had a diverse career working in the Oil industry but left to study for her Law Degree.
After graduating, Audrey intended to go on to train as a lawyer but a personal tragedy prevented her pursuing that course. Audrey worked for a number of years in the legal sector and left that a year ago to set up her own company, Firstcall Builders.

Firstcall Builders specialise in loft conversions, building extensions and internal and external refurbishment. As owner and director, Audrey works with three main builders and subcontract others, as and when necessary. She is passionate about her work and where others see dereliction, Audrey only sees creative possibilities!

Audrey’s interests include short story writing, hang gliding, parachuting, swimming with dolphins, reading biographies, deep sea diving and coral farming. Please note that Audrey said "interested in", not "taking part in".

Audrey is married and has two sons, Mark and James.


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