The NBWN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising the status and position of black women in all walks of life.

We provide dynamic initiatives, enabling women from diverse
backgrounds and occupations to develop strong professional and social contacts; high quality training and education programmes;
leadership and national recognition.


Tony Cook

Tony Cook's first business was founding the Exeter Flying Post back in 1975 - and he's proud to say that the ground breaking community newspaper still flourishes. He went on to a career in journalism during which time he was variously News Editor of Leicester Sound, Network Editor of Independent Radio News (IRN), National/Regional Manager on News on Sunday, a co-founder and long time Chair of the red/green political magazine Red Pepper, Producer and Presenter of Tony Cook's Talking Sport on LBC and co-owner of Praxis Films making such documentaries as the award winning Secret History: Bloody Sunday, the Secret Lives of Marie Stopes and BillyButlin and a host of Dispatches and Cutting Edges.




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