“The NBWN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising the status and position of women in all walks of life.

We provide dynamic initiatives, enabling women from diverse backgrounds and occupations to develop strong professional and social contacts; high quality training and education programmes; leadership and national recognition through the forum of networking.”


I attended my first NBWN event around five years ago when I first started in business. Attending and being part of the network has been one of the most enriching experiences of my business and personal life. The events are always precisely what I need to move me on in the different phases of my business. The speakers are always of the highest calibre. Sonia and her team are consummated professionals. Sonia is one of the most giving yet professional people I know, she models excellence in all that she undertakes. One of my most lasting legacies of being a member of NBWN is the contacts and friends I have gained from it. Either directly or indirectly NBWN has provided me with my most key contacts and close friends over the last five years and I am tremendously grateful for that.

Marigold Nunes
Operations Director
Make it Happen-VJB


I met Sonia Brown the founder of the National Black Womens Network in 2001, we both shared the same aims and aspirations, and frustrations which were often experienced by professional Black women.

I became involved with the Network first as an attendee , leading onto running workshops in Access to finance, and Business Support subjects.

The Network conferences were always well planned and well attended and filling the much needed gap which professional women had experienced there was always a wealth of knowledge and practical advice given by the speakers, and the opportunity for the attendees to network with each other.

Sonia Brown herself is a very vibrant inspirational women, and this was defiantly the message which was cascaded.

The feedback from attendees was excellent and I was proud to be of such a professional inspirational network.

Vivienne Scantlebury
Enterprise Support Manager



The NBWN has been a pivotal resource over the past 8 years in mobilising professional women and entrepreneurs to network for business success and career development.  Membership of the network and attendance at its events creates an opportunity to learn about the importance of networking and building relationships with private and public sector and international markets. As a business consultant delivering services to new entrepreneurs and Women in the growth stage of business, I have routinely referred clients to join the network. Introducing women to such a rich source of contacts at the NBWN thus enabling and empowering them to benefit from the experience; creates opportunities  where they might not have otherwise existed.

Yvonne Witter
Ampod Business Consulting & Training


As a serial Networker, Business Counsellor, Coach and Mentor I have found the contacts and the events run by the National Black Women’s Network valuable not only to myself but to my client base, friends and family as well.  They are fun, informative, supportive, and refreshing.   They ask for what they want - not with cap in hand, but with all the enthusiasm and determination of a network who brings the best speakers and providers to their members.  I have met members of parliament and ladies who have the most amazing business ideas.  I know I will continue to support the network and attend at every opportunity.

I recommend the network all of the time and try to link them into activities and events I run.  I always feel I am amongst friends when I attend these events and I always learn something new.

Toyin Dania
Manager of Business Counselling and Training Services
Wandsworth Youth Enterprise



One of the hardest things to ask for in life, is Help! I only realized this when I felt I was going round and round in my career. It's easy to put on a brave face when your starting out in your career, you don't know where to turn. The  NBWN is a great place to start.  What I love about this network is, it speaks to me, and offers insight with great intention.

We need a network like this, that isn't intimidating and allows you to grow at your own pace with genuine support.  I believe the work that Sonia Brown is doing is outstanding, which makes me proud to be a part of this powerful network.

Angie Le Mar
Comedienne, Producer, Broadcaster, Actress



The NBWN is an inspirational and forward-thinking organisation that provides multiple opportunities for like-minded individuals to come together, and ignite a common passion to succeed. Its inclusive approach is championed by the founder Sonia Brown, who is one of the UK’s leading ambassadors for networking and enterprise.

Dionne Jude
Transformational Coach
Solid Foundations




I am feeling unbelievable honoured to be appointed as a Patron of NBWN.  It is very exciting for me to be part of such a significant institution where the overall spirit of women empowering women is one I applaud.  What a brilliant way to continue my life path of many accomplishments. It has opened the eyes of my heart and I hope to do the network proud by pointing it to new goals for the future.  

I look forward to input and insight in such an established network.

Sherry Dixon



sherry 'Think about the times when you've been really challenged........the boss has increased his demands on your with no indication of an increase in your pay packet, the kids have decided to rebel in an unconscious effort to strengthen your character, and your partner has read somewhere that 'treat them mean, keep them keen' is the way to keep your backside at home. Who do you turn to ? Yep! your good old sista friends!  That's the beauty of these beautiful relationships..........solid, dependable girlfriends are the like blinging Tiffany diamonds on your finger. Precious, valuable............much sought after and boy do we love them.
Being a part of the National Black Women's Network simply extends the number of diamonds in your jewellery box. Where else can you have a wealth of likeminded women from all walks of life and all over the world make themselves available to you! Women who are eager to share your success, your thoughts, your dreams and your ambitions. You are now never alone as the network is available to you 24/7 so feel free to make new friends, fill us in on your news and blog away.
Let me make it clear that we also welcome the brothers too. We would be delighted to know what they think of our ideas and achievements and also celebrate and champion their successes. We are all in the is together. Like Barack and Michelle Obama we are tight and working for the greater good.
There are some exciting times ahead and this network plans to be part of it. We see you as a beautiful cog in our wheel of progression and your input is valuable. Don't keep us to yourselves, there is a lot of love to go round. Tell your friends and family to be a part of this too.........Bless you!
Brenda Emmanus
The fastest growing women’s network in Britain